bio reactor systems

we design and build pilot plant equipment for the
development & scale-up of sustainable bio-processes 

combining new biotechnology requirements with proven brewing equipment
taylor-made, SCADA, high standard manufacturing, excellent lead times, at reasonable cost


combining new biotechnology requirements with proven brewing equipment

Bio Reactor Operation Module


Our new Tool for precision fermentation

Precision Fermentation will revolutionize the production of food in the future (proteins, oil, fats, …). The use of “side streams”(not wastes) from food industry and of new, low cost precision fermentation equipment will lead into a new, highly feasible food processes. FLECKS B.R.O.M is an important part of this new development.

Bio Reactor Operation Module
is a highly feasible bioprocess solution and an
attractive TOOL in bioreactor technology. It has the
potential to increase the effciency on the route :
Labscale - semi industrial - industrial production
[Patent pending]

Flowsheet FLECKS bio reactor systems

Bioreactors/ enzymatic substrate production systems (i.e. from sidestreams)

bioreactor on a scale
conus 60°
by-pass operation
exact heating by Calandria ( hybrid: electrical and hot water i.e.by solar power)
cooling jacket
low shear mixing
separation of solids for clear substrate,
internal automatic CIP + steamable
high automation SCADA, Simatic S7 - well usable for further upscaling
300 – 500 – 1000 – 2000 – 5000 L



pilot plant and semi-industrial sizes
yeasts, bacteria, micro algae
conus 60°
pressure upto 3 bar
gently agitated by Flecksmixer
cooling/heating jackets
high gassing rates
for biofilm carriers, MBBR
300 – 500 – 1000 – 2000 – 4000 – 6000 – 10.000 – 20.000 L


Low shear agitation, vertical mixing and aeration

longitudinal agitator
for fluidizing sensible components
low shear,
low energy demand,
simultaneous efficient aeration,
adaptable to every tank,
suitable for big and high vessels
sensors may be integrated,
smart system


CIP systems
CIP systems

3 or 4 vessels 150-500 L, ( alkali, acid/disinfection, reworkable water)
High automation, cleaning recipes freely programmable, high pressure pump, return pump,
steam generator integrated, flowmeter, sensors ( conductivity, pH, DO…)
pressure pump, return pump, flowmeter, conductivity measuring, refilling
of cleaning solution vessel

Flash pasteurizer
Flash pasteurizer

for substrates/products
500 – 2000 l/hr
pasteurization units: 30 - 300 PU
high pressure pump
needle valve
semi automation


Simatic S7 or TIA
scale, flowmeters, all sensors
electro-pneumatic operation of valves
process automation
alarms and reports
remote control
access control

bio-process development
& scale-up

for small/medium sized companies and projects



We are participating at the following projects
( Only those where we have the rights for publishing )

PALM+ Eurostars Project

PALM+ Eurostars Project


🎉🌍 🎉 Flecks Brauhaus Technik GmbH is proud to be a part of the PALM+ Eurostars Project, together with NoPalm Ingredients,Those Vegan Cowboys , Loki Foods, Háskóli Íslands , driving progress towards a greener future and making a positive impact on our planet. 🌿

The project will deliver eco-friendly oils & fats (NoPalm Ingredients) for use in dairy (Those Vegan Cowboys) and fish alternatives (Loki Foods) using brewery infrastructure (Flecks). The University of Iceland will support our efforts with crucial consumer/society acceptance studies. 🌱

Today we kick-off this exciting Palm+ Eurostars project. Stay tuned for updates on this groundbreaking project, and let's work together to build a more sustainable and eco-conscious food industry! 🤝🌎

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#PALM+ #sustainability #innovation #foodindustry


FLECKS company and knowledge

Flecks Brauhaus Technik, Austria, Laufnitzdorf 200a
founder : Vincent Fleck,
biotechnologist ( TU Graz, Austria ),
yeast technology ( MD of Becker Austria 1980-88 )
lactic acid starter cultures ( founder of LACTOSAN Starter Kulturen, Austria 1989 - 2002 )
brewing equipment design and installations, over 200 craftbreweries in 45 countries  ( Flecks Brauhaus Technik Austria 1989- 2023
patent for Trichoderma application
patent for low shear agitator FLECKSMIXER 

Flecks Brauhaus Technik, Austria, Laufnitzdorf 200a



3D CAD for vessels and piping
electrical control cabinet design

Scada programming

or TA-Austria

delivery, installation, commissioning

worldwide, in 45 countries

FLECKS bioreactorsystems
FLECKS bio reactor systems

FLECKS Brauhaus Technik GmbH
Laufnitzdorf 200a
8130 Frohnleiten / Austria

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